We are celebrating Teen Tech Week this week, and the CTC is an amazing resource for all your projects and tinkering! We have it staffed by the Student Help Desk every block.

In the library we will have a few items to experiment with that all came out of our CTC, we hope it inspires a spark to create, and there is help available to turn ideas into reality.

Here is a short list of some of our available items:

  • Squishy Circuits – Did you know that Play-Do conducts electricity?
  • Cardboard Guitar Hero – check out how to make games with a few wires, cardboard, and our MakeyMakey
  • Sew-able Circuits – your clothes and accessories can really light up your night
  • Programmable embroidery in the CTC – your stuff, your style


Come check them out, see library staff or CTC help desk students with any questions.


Check out this LED lit Prom Attire