US History Primary Sources
Links to online collections of primary sources

US History:

Our Documents: 100 milestone documents from US History, National Archives


Founder’s Constitution: online anthology of documents from the 17th century through the 1830’s related to constitutional history


Constitutional Sources Project: free online library of constitutional history


Charters of Freedom: Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights


THOMAS: legislative information from Library of Congress


Gilder Lehman Institute of American History: primary sources 15th-20th centuries


History Matters from George Mason University: text, images, audiio from American History, screened by professional historians


Chronology of US Historical Documents: Pre-Colonial-21st Century, Univ. of Oklahoma College of Law


American Presidency Project: documents related to the American Presidency


Eyewitness to History: selected primary sources from multiple eras


Picturing the Thirties: Smithsonian, 1930s history, art, photos, newsreels


New Deal Network


Internet Modern History Sourcebook: contains sections on US History


Massachusetts Historical Society Collections Online


Prelinger Archives: Films: ephemeral” (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur)


Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920: ads and pamphlets documenting the rise of advertising and consumer culture


Coming of the American Revolution: Massachusetts Historical Society


Making of America: American social history, Antebellum – Reconstruction periods


Documenting the America South


Manuscript Collections Relating to Slavery: from NY Historical Society


Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute: primary sources, information and scholarly papers from Stanford University


Archive: Martin Luther King Center: MLK and Civil Rights Movement


Boston Public Library Anti-Slavery Collection: gift of the family of William Lloyd Garrison


Women Working: 1800-1930: Harvard University Open Collections


Discovering American Women’s History: access to digital collections of primary sources


Experiencing War: WW I personal experiences


Veteran’s History Project: Library of Congress


Witness to War, Oral Histories of Combat Veterans: photos, memoirs, videos


Gulf War: An Oral History: Frontline/PBS examination of 1990-1991 Persian Gulf Crisis


Boston Public Library’s Online Collections


New York Public Library Digital Collections


Immigration to the United States – 1789-1930: Harvard Open Collections


National Security Archive: includes archive of declassified government documents


FBI Vault: Over 3000 scanned FBI records


Famous Trials: From the Trial of Socrates – present


Watergate Files: Information and primary sources from the Gerald R. Ford Library


National Archives Online Exhibits: online collections on specific topics


Archival Research Catalog Galleries: more online collections from the National Archives


Cold War International History Project: includes digital archive of Cold War docs


Nuclear Proliferation International History Project: includes nuclear history docs


American Memory Project: online collections from the Library of Congress


Avalon Project, American History Documents 1492-2001: documents in law, history, and diplomacy


US Dept. of State: Office of the Historian: includes foreign policy documents, Kennedy-Ford administrations


Eyewitness to Labor History 1948-1975: from NYU Libraries


History and Politics Out Loud: audio files of American history and politics, 1930s-1990s


Say It Plain, Say It Loud: audio and transcripts of 20th Century African American speeches