Mary Mattingly Lecture April 25th During Win Block

Mary Mattingly is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores issues of sustainability, climate change and displacement. Mattingly combines photography, performance, portable architecture and sculptural ecosystems into poetic visions of adaptation and survival. In her work, we encounter nomads laboring under the weight of their possessions. We witness their pilgrimage over parched lands and swollen bodies of water. We see refugees of a tainted past seeking out a sustainable future in the natural world. We watch as they carve out an itinerant existence, embracing simple and adaptable strategies for survival. And we see the artist sifting through the particles of her own life in search of a sustainable footprint. In her ambitious multi-media projects, Mary Mattingly aspires to do more than issue a warning about environmental neglect and its aftermath. She offers specific solutions and architectural prototypes that we can build upon in our pursuit of a better life. She inspires hope that we can prepare for a changing world through innovative design and a restorative relationship with nature. Are we ready to embark upon the great migration of our time, from the shortsighted habits of the past to the nimble and sustainable ways of the future?

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Hello WHS,

My name is Ms. Zampitella and I am returning to the WHS library after a short hiatus. I am so excited to be back and am looking forward to working with you this year. I have made a few changes in the library and some new (and exciting) developments are in the works which I will share with you soon. For starters, you may notice the library website has been changing in the last 24 hrs…please bear with me as I work to figure out the best way to optimize the site. I will be ordering some new books this month so if you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to come by or you can put in a request here. I can’t wait to get back in the CTC, our library Makerspace, and will be working closely with the Art department on integrating art and technology. Mrs. Gambardella is here to help you check out a book, chromebook or for your printing and copying needs. Mrs. Grace, our ITS coordinator can assist you with email, aspen and other technology issues that may arise. We will be using Sign-Up Genius for our study hall pass system, you can access the Sign-Ups here on the library website. Please don’t hesitate to come by and say hi or ask for help if you need any assistance with research or have a new project idea.

Here are my two girls on their first day of school!