Web Sites and Databases
Links to resources for your project

EasyBib: citation generator, a site that will help you prepare citations for your Works Cited page


Here are two databases that will help with your research. Click on the icons. ABC-CLIO American History requires a username and password.





  • Username: winchester, Password: winchester
  • Select American History database


Here are some web sites on various topics:

The 1930s: PBS American Experience documentary series: watch episodes online, articles, photos, etc.

1930s/Multiple Topics: from Digital History

Primary Sources/Great Depression: photographs from National Archives/Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

Primary Sources: photographs from FSA-OWI, 1935-1945, Library of Congress

1930s /Multiple Topics: overview from Lone Star College

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy: From PBS American Experience documentary

African Americans/Civil Rights: from University of Washington, info on treatment of African Americans in Washington State during the Depression

African Americans/the Arts: info about the Harlem Renaissance from the Library of Congress

Music/Jazz in the Depression: from Ken Burns’ documentary on Jazz

Survival/Riding the Rails: info on daily survival, riding the rails – author web site

Teenage Hoboes in the Great Depression: daily survival, riding the rails from the National Heritage Museum

Drought in the 1930s: info on dust bowl, migrants from Wessells Living History Farm

Science/Technology/Transportation in the 1930s: electricity and transportation from North Dakota Humanities Council

Science/Technology: commercial flight in the 1930s

Science/Technology: passenger trains in the 1930s

Sports/African Americans: info about Jesse Owens, ground-breaking Olympic athelete

Sports/Baseball in the 1930s: from Ken Burns’ documentary, Baseball