how to understand nutrition and food labels 



 – Nutrition and Foods Article Summary
Web Sites and Databases to help you find articles

Here are web resources and databases that will help you find nutrition and food-related articles for your assignment. Click on links and icons to find information.


Food and Nutrition Information Center: USDA’s National Agricultural Library

– Browse subjects (left sidebar), keyword search, or click Topics A-Z tab (top bar)


MedlinePlus: Health Information from the National Instititues of Health

– Keyword search (upper right) or browse Health Topics tab


CDC Nutrition: Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

– Keyword search (upper right) or browse topics


Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter: Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy/Tufts University

– Click on topics in top bar or scroll to Health Topics in right sidebar


Nutrition.gov: Gateway site to government information from a variety of agencies

– Browse subjects (left sidebar) and keyword search, links to other Gov’t sites