Creative Technology Center Mission Statement:

The Winchester High School Creative Technology Center is a place in the WHS Library for students and staff to come together, share ideas and come up with creative problem-solving solutions. The room  is designed to be flexible – with mobile furniture. We envision a combination of a lab, workshop and collaborative conference space which can be utilized by students and staff from different content areas, fostering a multidisciplinary way of thinking, and learning. This student-driven, creative space is equipped with tools that will help to aid students into hands-on learning approaches. Our goal is to help students to acquire collaborative strategies, critical thinking skills, and technical competencies in order to become independent life-long learners. This space will be equipped with high end technology such as Mac workstations, HD video cameras, green screen, 3-D printers,and a sound studio with mixing boards, audio software and microphones. The Creative Technology center is research driven and encourages work at the intersection of culture, education, design and technology.

Technology in the Creative Technology Center

  • 3D Printer
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Scanner
  • Color Printer
  • Canon Video Camera
  • Canon SLR
  • Canon Powershot Digital Camera (4)
  • Green screen
  • Apple iMac computers with video/image/sound editing software (3)
  • Microphones
  • Tripods
  • Lego Robot
  • Makey Makey, Arduino, conductive thread, copper tape, LEDs