Attention Class of 2021 graduating seniors!

Your school Google account will be deactivated on August 15, 2021.    If you are using your school email account for communicating with colleges or other institutions, please be proactive and make sure to transfer all communications to your personal email address and be sure that they have updated their records to reflect your personal email address.  

If you would like to save your Google files (emails, Drive files, bookmarks, contacts, etc.), you can easily transfer this content to your personal account using Google Takeout.  Below are three methods of transferring your school Google files.

  1. Google to Google account.  Use the account transfer option to move content from your school account to your personal Gmail account. 
    Link to Takeout Transfer:
    Tutorial for Takeout Transfer:
  2. Google to non-Google account.  Use the account export option to save the entire contents of your Google Apps account, or just the parts of your account that you want to keep.  Exports are contained in an archive file that you can open and work with.
  3. You can manually select individual documents and download them to your computer. 
    Do NOT share your files with a personal gmail account because the file itself will no longer be available when the account is deactivated.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Grace at