Wednesday, April 10, 2019 – WinBlock Lecure and Workshop

Beth Galston – Expressing Nature

Beth Galston is a sculptor who builds architectural scale environments based on interest in light and the quality of space.  Trained at MIT, Ms. Galston’s art has been exhibited throughout the US.  Check out her work at her website:

Please join us in welcoming Beth Galston during Wednesday, April 10th’s WIN Block.  Sign up at:

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Mark your calendars, our yearly night time lecture is happening on April 23, 2019.

Nathalie Miebach, The Art of Storms

Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

6pm.  Come join us for our annual STEAM Showcase,
WHS Dining Commons

STEAM Certificate recipients will be presenting their STEAM projects and will be present to answer questions about their projects.

WHS STEAM Clubs will also present their work and be present to answer questions about their clubs.

7pm.  Keynote Speaker: Nathalie Miebach, “The Art of Storms” , Auditorium

Ms. Miebach’s work focuses on the intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations. Translating scientific data, Ms. Miebach creates woven sculptures that function both as sculptures and as instruments of the enviroment from which the data originates.  Is it art?  Is it science?

To learn more about Nathalie Miebach, see her website: