Green Patriot Posters – The Revolution Will Be Designed


Design Museum Boston announces the Green Patriot Posters student  design competition to invite Boston area high school and college students to design their very own Green Patriot Posters-style call to action regarding climate change.  The 3 winning poster designers will be awarded $600 cash prize and the posters will be added to the Traveling Patriot Posters exhibition starting in Boston and ending in California.




“With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.” — Abraham Lincoln

Competition Overview:
Design students: help Massachusetts Turn the Tide on Fossil Fuels! Governor Deval Patrick has been a champion of clean energy and climate action, but it will take a wave of public support to ensure the success of the governor’s initiatives before his term is up.

We need you to design a powerful, memorable poster that:

  • Incorporates the phrase “Turn the Tide on Fossil Fuels!”
  • Conveys urgency, hope, solidarity, anger, or a sense that any individual can make a difference!

Addresses one or more of these themes:

  • Ban the Worst. No more coal, tar sans oil, or fracking in MA!
  • Build Only the Best. Only sustainable energy from now on!
  • Price the Rest. Make polluters pay!
  • Inspires people to join and Better the Future’s Climate Legacy Campaign.

Call for Entries opens: February 10, 2014
Entries Due by: March 7, 2014 11:59pmEST

Preliminary Judging: March 10 – March 19
Winner’s Announced at Public Event: March 20

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