Newsreel Archive

Newsreel Archive (YouTube Channel)

Newsreels from Prelinger Archives, in Internet Archive

Library of Congress Online Films

March of Time

British Pathé

MIRC Newsfilm Collections

YouTube Creative Commons

TV News Search & Borrow (check licensing)

Important: Always check licensing on individual photos and media before using!


BlipSnips (skip to needed parts, add comments, embed)



YouTubeVideo Editor

YouTubeTime (link to a specific part of a YouTube clip) (web-based film editor)

Recordr (record yourself using web mic and cam)

Squared5 (MPEG Streamclip: video converter, editor for Mac & Windows)

TubeChop (cut pieces of video)

Viddix (connect Web content to video)

Jing Project (screen capture to video)

Other screen capture tools

Samanimation (From Tufts, a stop-action video creation tool for download)


Subply (for adding subtitles and voice)

WeToku (interview and record via webcam)

SaveVideo (download video from portals like YouTube)

VidiNotes (edit and create printable summaries of video)

Video Ant (sync video with text-based annotations)

CaptionTube (create captions for your YouTube videos)

VideoPure (view videos without comments, suggestions, & other stuff)

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