Asia for Educators– Columbia University

The Mongols in World History

The Indo- Mongolian Society Online Resources 

Mansa Musa’s Hajj

Trekking to Timbuktu: Mansa Musa Takes a Trip (Student Version)

Islam to Africa

PBS- Empires of Gold 

Marco Polo/ Pax Mongolia

In the footsteps of Marco Polo

On the road with Marco Polo

Library of Congress- Marco Polo

The Treasures of Genghis Khan – Humanities Magazine

Pox Mongolica: The Impact of Imperial Peace and

Forbidden City/ Zheng He

Library of Congress

New York State Archives Forbidden City

Columbia University 

Forbidden City 

Invention of Gunpowder


Charlemagne’s Empire


Norman Conquest of England

How Norman Rule Reshaped England

Crusades – effects on Europe / Middle East

PBS- Crusades 

Magna Carta

National Archives 

Reconquista / Spanish Inquisition

Bridging cultures bookshelf

Yale University Press- Video 

Plagues contribution to the Spanish Inquisition

Joan of Arc and the Battle of Orleans

National Geographic – Joan of Arc

National Endowment for the Humanities

Henry Tudor and the Battle of Bosworth

After the Fall of Richard the III: Vengeance and the Alteration of History

Henry VII

Henry Tudor PBS

Black Plague – (economic, political, social transformation)

National Genome Project 


Gutenberg’s Printing Press

The Printers Guild 

Medici Family

The Galileo Project 


National Gallery of Art 

Early Renaissance in Europe National Gallery of Art 

Renaissance Art

National Gallery of Art



Berkeley- Understanding Evolution– Vesaluis


Copernicus/Galileo/ Heliocentric Theory

Copernicus- Nasa

LOC – Copernicus

Galileo  Nasa

US National Library of Medicine

Heliocentric Theory

Protestant Reformation-Luther or Calvin or HenryVIII

Documents of the Protestant Reformation– University of Colorado Boulder

Martin Luther 

Henry VIII

Henry VIII 

Elizabeth’s reign in England-“Golden Age”

Queen Elizabeth

Spanish Armada/King Phillip

Spanish Armada 

Council of Trent- Counter Reformation

PBS Counter Reformation

Henry the Navigator/Portuguese Exploration

PBS- Henry the Navigator 

Cortez/Pizarro Conquest of Latin America

Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange- Gettysburg


To access Gilderlehrman articles


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PBS Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchange- PBS

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible- PBS

Mughal leaders of India

The British Library 


Song Dynasty/Gunpowder

Gunpowder – Columbia University


Here are links to databases:


General Encyclopedia

Good for Background Information

and finding key words


Username: winchester

Password: winchester

– World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras

– World History: Modern Era

whicScroll down for a video on how to search this database

ushicFor New World topics, colonies, etc.

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Primary Sources:

The Library of Congress 

National Archives – Primary Sources from American History.

American History Center

Digital History

University of Virginia – 1930s

Fordham University  Primary Sources

Yale University Primary Sources 

Spartacus Educational 

Docs Teach

Open link in new window Primary Sources for Renaissance
Open link in new window Renaissance Artists – Bellini, Botticelli, Bruegel, daVinci, Durer, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Uccello, VanEyck
Open link in new window Renaissance Science List of scientific instruments – primary sources
Open link in new window Van Eyck – Life and timeline